“This is what Change looks like”

This phrase was spoken last night not only by the president but by the Rev. Al Sharpton and every other American in this country with their hand out. Is this the end of a hard working American culture? Or the beggining of a more European way of living? Rev. Al Sharpton was absolutly correct, “This is what we voted for,” Really? Did we vote for a hyper partisan cram session? What is America, or more approptiatly what will it be in this century?
Decisision that are made today affect this country 50 years from now when our kids and grand kids are the ones asking the same questions as above. When I talked to my grandmother this morning she was crying. See her husband died in WWII at Pearl Harbor. Every generation in our family has some military service in it. I was shot in Iraq and wounded thus not completeing a career in the military as my father before me. So as a family that doesnt know anything but support for this country and our flag, we sit now and wonder what has happend? As Americans have we decided we want to be like Europe? or Canada? As Americans have we decided it’s okay to stand there with our hand out instead of picking up a shovel and helping our neighbor? This country was formed and founded on the backs of Americans that didnt want a handout. They just wanted a fair shake. Give them a chance at the “American Dream”
I listned as our president used those words last night mentioning that this was “Enabling Americans to continue pursuit of the American Dream.” So please tell me when this dream changed from having the chance to work my way up, or better yet earn my way up the ladder? How about bust my tail until I can afford to buy my first house? Now our dream is stand there with our hand out? I have to say I’m a little disgusted with the amount of Americans who are not willing to work for what they get. Perhaps you should look up the meaning of the word entitlement, then please tell me where in this countries constitution it states where we as people are entitled to health care, or social security. Perhaps it says in there that were all entitled to a job? Nope, you wont find that in there either.
So yes this is what change looks like, do we as Americans have to settle for this? NO! Stand up for your kids, ask yourself if you want to leave your children a better country than you recieved. Then go vote on that. Ask yourself if you want you kids to grow up not understanding how to earn a living. Then go vote for that. Ask yourself if your okay with you children standing in line to recieve health care or a pay check from the government instead of their boss. Then go vote that. Do we see a pattern here? Hopefully you do because I do, I’m not ready to give up on this country just yet. This is the United States of America, not Europe and not Canada. So get up off that chair and do something about it!


Cavaliers v Nets tonight

Tonight is a true test for this team playing for the first time against a team that has a true center. Can the youngster JJ Hickson step in against the taller Brook Lopez? I suppose we will all see later tonight. Wow what a game, JJ came up HUGE in that game. I feel a little better now about our prospects of making it the next 20 games without Shaq or Z.

Obama Health Care Plans

This seems to be the largest thing out there that everyone is talking about, I have a question to our politicians in Washington If you want it so bad and you think we need it so bad, put it to a vote in November, let the people of this country decide if they want your health care plan or not. We should get to decide on things like this, lets start an honest conversation as to why they cannot put something together, put it on the web for all of us to view and read, then let us vote on it. There is your simple majority vote!

I believe what most people want in this country is just a fare shake, the biggest thing that has been lost is not jobs but this countries core values. We were the largest and best manufacturing country on the planet, now were just about out of the top 5. We have watched and allowed politicians to send our jobs over seas while they sit back and collect great retirement. Can anyone see the revolution coming? Has there been such anger towards Washington in the past? I dont know about you but if every Washington politician was to suddenly disappear I would not worry, I would feel bad for their families however happy that maybe just maybe our country had a chance. People our country is spiraling out of control we are watching the death of our country in front of our eyes. What are we doing, just sitting around letting them take it over?

What do you really think?

Today was to be a lazy day, a day that I was going to catch up on some of my sporting for instance the Cavaliers. The basketball team from Cleveland that has a good shot a title this year. The problem is without knowing I got my account suspended to their forum site called Cavfanaitc.com. I have to say I remember people being much nicer in the past, this site has nothing on a site like ESPN or even Cavs.com. The problem is the moderators or my issue was with one that we will call Joe, I started by posting something that I wanted to talk about a discussion forum where the Magic were having the same discussion about a playoff matchup with the Cavs. This was quickly locked, so I posted another thread asking why. This was when things got a bit out of hand, see instead of the moderator Joe posting and telling me something interesting like that the site had an Instant message piece or what they call a PM (Personal Message) He continued to block or lock my threads. Since nobody was explaining anything this moderator (Joe) and I continued for a couple more threads until another person explained to me what Trolls were and yet another about the PM (Personal Message). By this time it was too late, Joe had already suspended my account and completely locked me out of the network. One last thing it would have been great if there was someone after the suspension to discuss this with, however there is no webmaster available and no way to contact anyone from the site. At least none I could find.

 Now my issue is not with the site, I love the site becuase it allows me to keep up with the only winning team in Cleveland. My issue is with the moderator Joe who didnt even bother to discuss or try to show me what I was doing wrong but instead this is his quote: 

 “I am a moderator on this site.
I do not have the time or interest to converse with you on skype about your inability to get a clue and not be an endless annoyance                  here. You need to read the rules of the site, which you apparently have not done.
If you have a problem with the way the site is managed you send a PM to the site administrator and express your concerns.  He is called Admin here.  Here is where you send Admin a PM:
I will paste it in a moment and then lock this thread.  Do not start another one on this nonsense.  This is the last warning you will receive on it.”

Note that he states he doesnt have time to deal with me even when I offered up my contact information in an attempt to sort out the issue. To me this shows an arrogance that is not becoming of us here in this country. When did we stop helping, or caring? I can admit I did not read the stuff he mentioned as I’m sure about 10% of the actual people that join those sites actually do read they simply check the box that they agree and move on. For this I do appologize and wish now that I would have, however after going back and reading these terms and conditions nowhere do they describe what a ‘Troll’ or ‘Flaming’ is. My hope is that at some point in time I will be able to follow my team on the forums again, however if not perhaps I will start my own.