Obama Health Care Plans

This seems to be the largest thing out there that everyone is talking about, I have a question to our politicians in Washington If you want it so bad and you think we need it so bad, put it to a vote in November, let the people of this country decide if they want your health care plan or not. We should get to decide on things like this, lets start an honest conversation as to why they cannot put something together, put it on the web for all of us to view and read, then let us vote on it. There is your simple majority vote!

I believe what most people want in this country is just a fare shake, the biggest thing that has been lost is not jobs but this countries core values. We were the largest and best manufacturing country on the planet, now were just about out of the top 5. We have watched and allowed politicians to send our jobs over seas while they sit back and collect great retirement. Can anyone see the revolution coming? Has there been such anger towards Washington in the past? I dont know about you but if every Washington politician was to suddenly disappear I would not worry, I would feel bad for their families however happy that maybe just maybe our country had a chance. People our country is spiraling out of control we are watching the death of our country in front of our eyes. What are we doing, just sitting around letting them take it over?


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